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Our server style is updating!

General Updates November 28, 2023

Since we have not been able to reach the number of players we wanted for about a month, we are making the server fun.

Various fun plugins, new events and a high gather rate will be added to the server.

We are thinking of opening the server with a rate of 5x, 10x or 100x+, you can send your opinion on discord or on the site.

Workbench range and autodoor update

Server Updates November 4, 2023

Workbench distance for all players is now set to apply to the entire house

The doors are set to close automatically in a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds. The doors will not close automatically when the player is dead.

Server is coming soon!

Server Updates September 3, 2023

The construction phase of our server is progressing rapidly. Many addons have been purchased and set. Soon, our server will be active with Procedural map and weekly wipe.

Server Location Update

Server Updates August 18, 2023

We recently changed the server location to London/UK. This is a good change to fix ping issues and lag for you gamers

Discord Server Update!

Server Updates June 22, 2023

Hi StormRust Players

Our discord server is updated you can join our new server.


Join: https://stormrust.com/discord