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Our server is being restructured!

Our server is being restructured!

Hello, our server has been active for about 2 months, but we have not been able to reach the number of players we wanted. Of course, we know that it is difficult for you to choose us among all these rust servers, but in order for you to choose us, we must first let you see our server.

Since our server is not well known, we will update the game mode of our server by choosing one of the popular modes. We are planning to update our server in a non-profitable and enjoyable way.


Our server currently has a 2X rate and is set up pretty close to vanilla gameplay.

However, we are considering resetting the server to 5 - 10x or higher rates, which makes this gameplay easier.


We are planning to install plugins that will add new events and new mechanics to our server and activate them with adjustments to avoid generating as much income as possible.

We haven't decided on the resource rate yet, but we are planning to do one of the currently popular 5x or 10x rates.

Your ideas are very valuable to us. If you have ideas about the features to be added to the server and say "Actually, it would be better if you did it like this", you will really contribute to the server if you send them to us by opening a request on the site or via Discord.

The ideas you give to our server are more valuable than things bought with money.

You can submit your ideas on our discord server or on the site. If you read this post until the end, I would like to express my gratitude to you. Stay healthy and wait for our server :)

Server IP: trio.stormrust.com
Direct Connect: steam://connect/trio.stormrust.com:28015
Website: https://stormrust.com/
Store: https://stormrust.com/shop
Discord: https://stormrust.com/discord

Posted on November 28, 2023 by AlexG