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Storm Rust Now Active!!

Storm Rust Now Active!!

Hello everyone,

Storm Rust has recently opened. We kindly ask you, our valued players, to join our server and report any deficiencies via Discord or the site.

Some paid features available in VIPs have been made available to players since the opening. Of course, in this process, you can still access various features by purchasing VIP. You can buy VIP from the store section to access the kit and special commands and support us.

If you log in to our Discord server and verify with the game, you can have various kits and features.

You can join the server using the information below.

Server IP: trio.stormrust.com
Direct Connect: steam://connect/trio.stormrust.com:28015
Website: https://stormrust.com/
Store: https://stormrust.com/shop
Discord: https://stormrust.com/discord

Posted on September 25, 2023 by AlexG